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DICTATOR gas springs become “museum pieces”

Small helpers for great architecture in the Ars Electronica Center, Linz (Austria)

The Ars Electronica Center in Linz is not only home to the museum of future and technology but the building itself is part of the exhibition. This can easily be seen at night when the façade is illuminated in changing colours, clearly showing the influence of modern technology on our daily life.

The Ars Electronica Museum is a unique building. Already from far away the prominent architecture gives distinction to the townscape of Linz – and still stays somewhat puzzling. No outer edge is parallel to another, all seems skewed, leading apart and at the same time together. It is a building that takes a different form every time the perspective changes.

This spectacular appearance hides a lot of different technology, not only of the electronic kind.

Many of the lights producing the changing illumination are not accessible from inside the building. Therefore, the windows near them had to be equipped with fold-away opening mechanisms.

DICTATOR’s special solution

Because of the large dimensions, uncommon shapes and heavy weight of the windows, maintenance would be impossible without the installed DICTATOR gas springs. They open the windows and keep them open. Nevertheless, the windows can easily be closed by hand. As most of the windows have different dimensions, all gas springs had to be calculated individually for each window and were produced accordingly. For one window even two DICTATOR gas springs with different stroke lengths were necessary.

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Gas springs open windows DICTATOR's custom solution for windows

The Ars Electronica Center – Museum of Future and Technology in Linz (Austria)

The gas springs open the windows and keep them open.

The gas springs open the windows and keep them open.

 assist in opening the flaps

Gas springs assist in opening the flaps