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Access for fire brigade to underground parking – in an emergency the gratings will open immediately

DICTATOR gas springs facilitate the fast access

In case of an emergency the fire brigade has to have an easy and fast access to the underground parking. For this reason an outside staircase was built in a housing complex in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). To protect it against unauthorized use, these stairs are usually closed by six gratings.

However, during a fire-fighting operation it must be possible to open the gratings easily and quickly and they also have to remain in the open position. Furthermore, there may be nothing in the staircase that could hinder the access or even cause accidents.

Each of the six gratings is opened and kept open by a gas spring

Each of the six gratings is opened and kept open by a gas spring

Calculation of the gas springs

Together with DICTATOR, the company Paul Schramm Stahl- und Metallbau of Klingenberg (Germany) solved this problem.

The requirements were:
– Opening angle min. 90°
– When the gratings are open (weight per grating 40 kg!) the gas springs may not protrude into the staircase and hinder the access to the underground parking.
– It is mandatory that the gas springs keep the gratings  in the open position on their own.
– Only very light hand forces are allowed (now only 4.5 kg are needed for lifting the gratings and 5.5 kg for closing them).

The DICTATOR technicians calculated the required gas spring type to meet these demands in spite of the very unfavourable fixing possibilities as well as the fixing points. Due to the exterior mounting the gas springs were made in AISI 304.

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Gas Springs Basement Entrance
Gas Springs Basement Entrance

Architect’s plan of the fire brigade access to the underground parking

Calculation of Gas Springs

The DICTATOR advisory service calculated fixing points which provide the optimal function of the gas springs without interfering with accessibility