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Gate closer DIREKT

opens heavy cabin doors of mining vehicles

The gate closer DIREKT has found an unusual working place in the scalers of the company GHH Fahrzeuge. Instead of making sure doors are closed, here it has to open the cabin door in a safe and controlled way, even when the vehicle is standing on a slope.

The vehicles are used in underground mines. After a blasting they clear off loose rocks from the ceiling to make sure no rocks will come off later on. To ensure the safety of the operators, the cabin is designed to stand extremely high roof loads. The cabin door has to be built correspondingly strong.

In the mines there can be slopes of up to 30 % incline/decline. When the vehicle is standing uphill on a slope, it is nearly impossible for the operator to open the cabin door. On the other hand, when the vehicle points downwards on a slope, the door uncontrollably knocks open because it cannot be retained manually.

Door closer becomes door opener and door damper – depending on the position of the vehicle

This requirement (door has to be pushed open when the vehicle stands uphill and to be slowed down when standing downhill) was a special challenge for the DICTATOR technicians because this is no standard application. But exactly this represents a special stimulus for DICTATOR. No stereotyped thinking, but open-minded for everything.

Calculating the corresponding mounting positions, the gate closer DIREKT became a door opener and door damper. As the vehicles are working in very rough conditions (amongst others also in salt mines), a DIREKT made from AISI 316 was choosen.

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gate closer opens heavy cabin doors of mining vehicles

A Scaler of the company GHH Fahrzeuge in action

A Scaler which meets the highest safety requirements.

A Scaler which meets the highest safety requirements. The intelligent safety system (BSS) protects the operator as well as the machine during operation.

Gate closer DIREKT as door opener and door damper

Gate closer DIREKT as door opener and door damper

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