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They not only prevent doors from slamming and keep them firmly closed

DICTATOR door dampers also keep doors reliably in the open position

The use of the door damper V1600 as a keep-open device proves once again that DICTATOR products serve diverse purposes and are real problem-solvers. The large glass door at Frankfurt University is often opened for ventilation purposes. In the past, and despite the overhead door-closer, it often hit the glass façade behind, thus damaging itself and the façade. The result were very expensive repairs, disturbed teaching, etc.

Then company Kiehnel-Saueressig fitted the DICTATOR V1600 door damper in a casing and fixed it with a bracket in front of the glass façade. The corresponding hook was mounted at the bottom of the door leaf. If now the door is opened too far, the door check will cushion the movement and then keep the door securely opened.

The knocked open door again and again caused damages

The knocked open door again and again caused damages.

The DICTATOR door check not only keeps doors securely closed…

The DICTATOR door damper not only keeps doors securely closed…

it also keeps doors open

…it also keeps them open.

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