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DICTATOR door dampers in hospitals, churches and other buildings

door checks closing doors in hospitals often requires more strength and time than necessary.

Closing doors in hospitals often requires more strength and time than necessary.

for a comfortable opening and closing of highly frequented doors

DICTATOR has an important role in making the life of the nursing staff in hospitals a little easier. Opening and closing the doors of hospital rooms costs precious time and sometimes even hinders work.

  • It should be easy to open the room door, without cumbersome latch.
  • The door should remain open as long as it takes to e.g. push a bed through it.
  • After having passed through the door it should be possible to close it fast but without slamming it with a big bang.
  • And, of course, the door has to remain closed also without latch.

DICTATOR door damper as the solution for hinged doors

Because a door with a DICTATOR door damper can easily be moved by hand and does not automatically close on its own. When the door is slammed, the DICTATOR door damper R 1400 prevents the banging of the door and reliably keeps the door closed – also without latch.

Door checks churches hospitals church individual solution

The DICTATOR door damper allows for an easy opening of the church doors.

A similar problem could be resolved in the Christuskirche St. Ingbert (Germany). The entrance doors are very heavy and, in addition, they are equipped with seals.

A customary overhead door closer could not be installed as it would have required a very high closing force due to the seals. And with such a strong door closer, some of the church visitors would no longer have been able to open the door.

The solution to the problem was a DICTATOR R 1400 door damper combined with a motor lock which, nonetheless, only enters into function when the door has to be locked. The door damper pulls the door closed, even against the resistance of the seals and keeps it firmly closed, also with draught and wind.

There are a multitude of DICTATOR door dampers with different designs and spring forces. DICTATOR’s technical department will be happy to find the perfect solution for every application together with the customer and free of charge.

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