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Back checks make sure motorway restrooms are working

DICTATOR back checks prevent the uncontrolled opening of restroom doors and thus their getting damaged.

The stainless steel doors of motorway restrooms are heavy, exposed to wind and weather and also to a not always careful handling. When the heavy doors are opened with a lot of drive or are caught by a gust of wind, they knock open in an uncontrolled manner.

The consequence: damaged hinges that prevent the door cannot from closing again. The restroom is out of order until the door is repaired or replaced. Or the heavy door hits a person waiting in front of the restroom and, worst-case scenario, it injures them.

The DICTATOR back checks easily and effectively prevent all of this. A stainless steel model was chosen for its use outdoors.

We’ll gladly assist you in choosing the perfect model for your application and determining the fixing points for an optimal result.

Damaged motorway restroom door

Restroom door of a motorway rest area – this one is working!

The DICTATOR back check prevents the door and the hinges getting damaged by being knocked open.

The DICTATOR back check prevents the door and the hinges from getting damaged when knocked open.

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