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The ideal solution for entrance doors of public buildings

No tripping hazards like buffers on the floor, no damages on door and façade

In the BVS Bildungszentrum (educational centre) in Munich they had problems repeatedly because the entrance doors could be opened too far. The result were damages to the façade, the doors and hinges and the overhead door closers. A door stop on the floor was not possible as it would have been a tripping hazard for the visitors.

The company Mewes GmbH in Unterdießen was commissioned to find a solution. They contacted DICTATOR.

The solution were adjustable back checks TBR 14-35-300 in AISI 304 which safely slow down large and heavy doors before reaching the completely open position.

The back checks were mounted on the outside of the doors because there was not enough space left inside due to the overhead door closers. For an easy mounting and to assure the perfect functioning, DICTATOR had calculated the optimal mounting position.

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Door back checks entrance doors

Portal of the BVS Bildungszentrum in Munich

DICTATOR back checks now prevent the doors to open too fast and too far

DICTATOR back checks now prevent the doors to open too fast and too far

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