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DICTATOR helps to protect people

Back checks make sure that hall doors opening to the outside don’t injure passersby

Grifols in Spain is by now a multinational pharmaceutical and chemical company, market leader in Europe in the blood plasma sector. At its original site in Spain new buildings are continuously added. In one of the new halls, some doors opening to the outside caused problems, because the door leafs are nearly as wide as the sidewalk adjacent to the building. When a strong wind blows – which happens often there – these doors are knocked open and, therefore, they could injure people who just happen to be in door’s reach. Because these doors weigh between 80 and 170 kg and have a width of 950 to 1100 mm and a height of 2100 to 3000 mm, they become dangerous “weapons” under strong winds.

The DICTATOR back checks easily solved this problem (see video). For an optimum performance DICTATOR Española calculated the correct model and the corresponding fixing points for Grifols.

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Under strong winds, doors without back checks would knock open without control – they represent a risk of injury for passersby but also for the door and the facade of the building.

back check calculation

The doors open directly onto a sidewalk.

Back check on double-leaf door

The doors opening to the outside are up to 3 m high and weigh up to 170 kg!

Back check dampens the opening and closing of doors

In spite of their small dimensions, the back checks generate a very high damping force