Spring Rope Pulleys and Hydraulic Dampers for Fire Doors and Gates

The DICTATOR spring rope pulleys that are approved for their use on fire protection doors/gates are available with two different spring forces. Both types feature a freewheel and sliding hub which allows to easily adapt the spring tension also when the device is already mounted .

Furthermore the DICTATOR product line includes different radial dampers to control the speed of the door during the whole travel as well as several final dampers that all have been tested and approved for the use on fire protection doors.

Spring Rope Pulleys
File NameTypeDate of modification
Spring Rope Pulleypdf2014/08/12
Summary of Radial Damperspdf2014/09/11
Radial Dampers RDpdf2019/09/17
Lamellar Radial Damperspdf2017/04/07
DICTATOR Final Damperspdf2014/08/19