Door operator system DICTAMAT MultiMove

Modular operator system for sliding doors up to 2000 kg

Th DICTAMAT Multimove door operating system offers top user-friendliness based on decades of experience and knowledge and the newest demands of the actual standards and prescriptions::

  • Extremely high flexibility and adaptability to customers’ requirements due to completely modular structure
  • Absolutely smooth-running gearbox: The door can be moved by hand also during a power failure – without expensive electromagnetic clutch.
  • Integrated recognition of obstacles and power interrupt – also with AC motors.
  • Complies with the demands of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG. This considerably reduces the adjusting and placing into operation works on site and their costs.

The modular layout of the different operator series facilitates the individual composition of the appropriate solution, exactly specified to meet the customer’s requirements.

For those applications where there does not fit an operator of our standard program, DICTATOR develops a customized solution adapted exactly to the object and respecting all the directives and norms to be observed.

Our technical department will gladly assist you in choosing the appropriate product.

Automated entrance door in car dealership

Product details

Type of gearboxworm gear transmission
Gear ratio "i"20, 27, other transmissions possible on request
Ease of runningexample: door weight 800 kg
force for moving without operator: 60 N
force for moving with operator gearbox i = 20: 80 N
force for moving with operator gearbox i = 27: 110 N
Material casingcast aluminium
Possible motorsDC, AC
Fire protectionduring mechanical closing adjustable and controlled
closing speed by mounted radial damper LD
Brakeelectromagnetic brake, easy-running without current; in case of power cut short-term power supply by capacitor package
Other modulesdriving wheel for toothed belt, chain, rack etc.; encoder for position control, hold-open system and speed regulator for fire protection

Door Operator DICTAMAT Move

DICTAMAT MoveOperators which provide a motor-driven opening and closing of the door/window (bidirectional door operators)
DICTAMAT Move FOperators which only open the door/window. Closing is effected by e.g. a counterweight or a spring. In particular in Germany this is prescribed for fire doors. Therefore an "F" (fire protection) is added to the name of this execution.
Note: If the respective country allows closing by emergency power, it is also possible to use bidirectional door operators on fire doors/gates.
DICTAMAT Move HDoor operators for rotary motions (hinged doors, hinged gates, hinged windows etc.)
DICTAMAT Move Call customized special solutions
VoltageAC or DC
Electrical powere.g. 90 W, 0.37 kW
Power transmission e.g. toothed belt (Z), chain (K), etc.
operating arm (H) for hinged doors and gates
Dimensioning of the gearboxWith the same motor can be choosen either the model with higher speed (V+) or higher power (P+)

Control System Multi Control

Multi Control EconomyModel with basic functions
Multi Control ComfortModel with comfort functions
Multi Control CustomModel with customized functions that have to be determined in every individual case
Addition for special functionsF (fire protection), N (emergency power)
VoltageAC or DC

Weitere Details finden Sie in den Katalogseiten unter Downloads.

  1. Door operator with U-bracket (standard)
  2. Idler pulley with U-bracket (standard)
  3. Belt fixing device (standard)
  4. Wall bracket for door operator (optional)
  5. Wall bracket (optional)
  6. Toothed belt (to be ordered separately in the required length and size)
  7. Supporting roller with U-bracket (optional)
  8. Belt fixing device for second door leaf (optional)

You can find more details on the catalogue pages under ‘Downloads’.

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