Sliding gate operator DICTAMAT 900-21

For automation of very large gates up to 4000 kg


  • For doors up to 10 m (standard)
  • Pulling forces from 370 N to 2200 N
  • For doors up to max. 4000 kg
  • For up to 300 cycles per day (depending on the weight of the door and the speed)
  • Position control: integrated encoder or separate limit switches
  • Motor blocked without current
  • Control system: SQUARE 940
  • Complies with the demands of EN 12453

DICTATOR will gladly offer you a solution taking into account the requirements of your individual application.

Safety standards:

The DICTATOR DICTAMAT 900-21 door operator series in combination with the SQUARE 940 control system complies with the demands of the EN 12453 for the “Safety in use of power operated doors”:

  • Equipped with a mechanical brake that assures the stop of the door within the required distance even without current
  • Integrated thermal cutout protects the operator from too high loads.
  • The position control is done either with separate limit switches or an encoder, integrated in the motor, that permits a very precise positioning.
  • Due to the mechanical brake the motor is blocked without current. If the door has to be moved by hand in case of a power failure an additional mechanical cranking device can be supplied.
Sliding gate operator DICTAMAT 900-21Operator for automation of very large gates up to 4000 kg

Product details:

Type / Motor Rating0.18 kW0.18 kW0.37 kW0.55 kW
Force of the motor370 N630 N1200 N2200 N
Opening and closing speedseparately adjustable
max. m/sec.
Voltage230/400 VAC
Nominal current pf the control system8 A8 A8 A8 A
Driving torque (at the axle of the operator)14 Nm24 Nm61 Nm450 Nm
Braking moment (mechanical brake)4 Nm4 Nm5 Nm10 Nm
Duty cycle40 % ED
IP ratingIP 55
Weight (without accessories)10 kg10 kg21 kg40 kg
Doors up to*600 kg*1000 kg*1500 kg*4000 kg*
Travel6 m6 m10 m10 m

* The given weights are just reference values. The determining point is how easily the door moves

1. Door operator with U-bracket*
2. Idler pulley with U-bracket*
3. Belt fixing device
4. Wall bracket for the door operator
5. Wall bracket
6. Toothed belt
7. Supporting roller with U-bracket
8. Additional belt fixing device for second door leaf
(*The 0.55 kW series is delivered without U-brackets for door operator and idler pulley)

Components included with DICTAMAT 900-21

  • Door operator: worm gear transmission with a 230/400 VAC three-phase motor and integrated mechanical brake, integrated thermal cutout, 2 m connection cable to the control system, driving wheel for toothed belt
  • U-bracket for the door operator*
  • Idler pulley for toothed belt with integrated tensioning device and U-bracket*
  • Belt fixing device for the door

Additional components

  • Integrated encoder
  • Mechanical cranking device
  • Electromagnetic clutch

Separate accessories

  • Toothed belt (type depends on the motor)
  • Wall bracket for the door operator
  • Wall bracket for the idler pulley
  • Supporting roller with U-bracket for the toothed belt
  • Wall bracket for the supporting roller
  • Additional belt fixing device for sliding doors with two leaves

You can find more information on the catalogue pages under ‘Downloads’

Position control

The standard operator is designed for separate limit switches. The control system however identifies an additional Open position (partial opening) without an extra limit switch. The control system calculates this position – if adjusted once – from the final positions and the memorised travel.

The AC-21 door operators are also furnished with an integrated encoder.

Mechanical brake

The standard AC-21 operators are equipped with a mechanical brake making sure that even in case of a power failure the door is stopped within the required distances. In case of doors to which the EN 12453 standard does not apply, the door operators can also be furnished without the mechanical brake.

Mechanical cranking device

(not possible with the 0.55 kW operators)
All door operators with integrated mechanical brake impede moving the door without current. If the doors have to be moved manually in case of a power failure, the following options are available: additional mechanical cranking device or electromagnetic clutch.


Due to the extremely high forces that occur upon the actuation of the mechanical brake extremely sturdy fixing brackets are required. As the door operator therefore normally cannot be fixed to the rail, we supply special brackets for fixing the door operator to the wall.

You can find more details on the catalogue pages under ‘Downloads’

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Order Information

DescriptionPart No.
DICTAMAT 900-21 ZEB 0.18 kW, starting power 370 N790000
DICTAMAT 900-21 ZLB 0.18 kW, starting power 370 N790050
DICTAMAT 900-21 ZEB 0.18 kW, starting power 630 N790100
DICTAMAT 900-21 ZLB 0.18 kW, starting power 630 N790150
DICTAMAT 900-21 ZEB 0.37 kW, starting power 1200 N790200
DICTAMAT 900-21 ZLB 0.37 kW, starting power 1200 N790250
DICTAMAT 900-21 ZEB 0.55 kW, starting power 2200 N790300
DICTAMAT 900-21 ZLB 0.55 kW, starting power 2200 N790350
SQUARE 940 control system706094


DescriptionPart No.
Wall bracket for DICTAMAT 900-21 0.18 kW or for idler pulley790400
Wall bracket for DICTAMAT 900-21 0.37 kW790401
Supporting roller for 20/30 mm toothed belt790410
Door fixing device for second door leaf (toothed belt 20/30 mm)790420
Toothed belt 20 mm wide, price per meter710490
HTD 8M toothed belt, 30 mm wide, price per meter710491
Toothed belt HTD 14M, 55 mm wide, price per meter710485