Door damper Z 1100

The version for sliding doors


  • Special version of the Z 1000 with mounting bracket for sliding doors
  • Optimal solution for lightweight doors
  • Closing forces from 20 N to 80 N
  • Material: nickel-plated steel
Door damper Z 1100 nickel plated

Product information

Type of doorssliding doors
Closing force20 N; 50 N; 80 N
Damping characteristicsprogressive
Closing speedadjustable
Damping fluidsilicone oil, almost independent of temperature
Components includeddoor damper, hook; fixing screws for wooden doors; mounting bracket

Door Check Z1100 Dimensions

All dimensions in mm

Door Check Z1100 InstallationThe mounting bracket is screwed onto the sliding door about 1 mm from the closing edge and about 80 mm below the upper edge of the door. Then, fix the cylinder with the two bolts to the casing and then screw the door damper to the mounting bracket with two M6 screws. To determine the position of the hook, push down the roller lever. The roller should pass just below the front edge of the hook. Only use the two oblong holes when fixing for the first time. The two remaining screws can be used once you have adjusted the hook to the optimal position.

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Order Information

DescriptionPart No.
Z 1100 door damper, hook 1009, 20 N, nickel-plated, with mounting bracket300367
Z 1100 door damper, hook 1009, 50 N, nickel-plated, with mounting bracket300498
Z 1100 door damper, hook 1009, 80 N, nickel-plated, with mounting bracket300499