Door damper Junior

The smallest door damper


  • Prevents slamming of screen doors, doors in furniture, flaps and drawers
  • Entirely of stainless steel
  • Small dimensions
  • Available as either push or pull model, both with the same dimensions (see ‘Dimensions’)

Mounting options

  • Thanks to its execution in stainless steel, suitable for the most different applications as e.g. in interior design, store and furniture construction, furnishings of pharmacies and medical devices, etc.
  • Due to its small dimensions it can be mounted in places in which there is only little space available

Product information

Closing force13 N
Damping characteristicsconstant
Closing speednot adjustable
Damping fluidsilicone
Materialstainless steel AISI 304
Components includeddoor damper, hook; fixing screws for wooden doors

Door Check Junior Dimensions

The left hook, part no. 392000, shows the push-execution; the right hook, part no. 392020, shows the pull-execution.

All dimensions in mm

Door Check Junior DimensionsNormally the door damper Junior is fixed inside a cupboard – concealed – to slow down drawers or cupboard doors.

The casing of the Junior has lateral fixings. The Junior is fixed correctly when the upper edge of the casing overlaps with the upper edge of the door or drawer by about 1 mm.

The hook is fixed to the frame with two screws. It provides two different fixing alternatives:

  • It can be fixed from the front (see drawing). The two holes are accessible through two holes of ø 5.5 mm in the front of the hook.
  • It can be fixed to the frame from below. The height is correct when the rubber roller of the operating lever of the Junior just touches the front edge of the hook when closing.
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Order Information

DescriptionPart No.
JUNIOR R door damper, 13 N, AISI 304392020
JUNIOR V door damper, 13 N, AISI 304392000