Spring rope pulley 177 diameter series

For closing sliding doors – for courses of up to 4 m

  • Used for longer travels
  • The maximum travel distance is 4 m
  • The maximum closing force 100 N
  • This model is always supplied with sliding hub and bracket which makes mounting and adjusting very simple
  • The standard version of this diameter series is fabricated with a plastic rope but, on demand, it is also possible to furnish it with a steel rope
Schiebetür Federseilrolle Durchmesser 177

Product information

Closing force100 N
Materialcasing zinc-plated sheet steel; bracket zinc-plated sheet steel
Ropeplastic rope (without fire protection properties), approx. Ø 3 mm, with cable eye stiffener Ø 9 mm

Dimensions of spring rope pulley 177 diameter series with sliding hub and bracket

All dimensions in mm

Adjusting the closing force of spring rope pulleys with sliding hub

On both sides of the spring rope pulley is a tensioning screw (SW 17). Turning it in the direction of arrow increases the pretension, turning against the direction of arrow reduces the pretension.

Thanks to the integrated sliding hub, there is no risk of damaging the spring in case of an error during tensioning.

Closing force/travel of spring rope pulley

The closing force can be adapted by pretensioning the spring rope pulley. The higher the pretension of the spring, the shorter, however, is the remaining travel. The maximum possible travel with the respective spring force (pretension) can be found in the adjoining diagram.

Example: If the spring is pretensioned only the required 6 revolutions, a travel of 4 m is possible. At the end, when the door will be closed, there will be left a force of approx. 62 N. If the spring is pretensioned one revolution more, the travel will be reduced to 3.6 m, but the remaining force in the final position will be approx. 66 N.

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Order Information

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