New Hold-Open System from July 2019

Hold-open systems are an essential requirement for freedom of movement and smooth operation despite prescribed fire compartments. For decades, DICTATOR has been supplying tested, reliable and trouble-free products for this purpose.

And the success story continues: The completely redesigned DICTATOR hold-open system 2019 takes into account the latest technical possibilities as well as the changes in regulations and approval procedures at European level while retaining all the tried and tested DICTATOR quality features. This only makes things easier and better for you!

What won’t change, though: In case of questions, difficulties or queries, we will always be happy to assist you as usual.

Hold-open system Central unit RZ-24

The “heart” of the new hold-open system

The central unit RZ-24 not only replaces the previous power supply, but it can also do so much more:

  • It evaluates the fire detectors and also triggers in the event of malfunction, such as short circuits or wire breaks
  • It has an integrated manual switch so that an additional manual switch can be omitted if the RZ-24 is installed correspondingly
  • It has a built-in siren which can also acoustically indicate the triggering of the hold-open system (if necessary)
  • It is also suitable for use on explosion-proof hold-open systems
  • It can be used in a special version as a signal controller
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Smoke detector RM 4000

New fire detectors

Fire detection is carried out by means of the new smoke detectors RM 4000 or heat detectors WM 4000. Since the control unit RZ-24 evaluates the detectors, the previously required relay is no longer necessary. This presents a significant advantage for you: The detectors cost much less and thus the total price of the hold-open system is considerably lower.

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Grandfathering for existing systems

If you have existing hold-open systems, in which our RM / WM 2000 or RM/WM 3000+ are installed, then the existing standards and protections still apply,  that means we will continue to supply the previous smoke detectors for these systems if replacement is required.

Our “all-round carefree package”

On our website we have summarized the essential standards and regulations for both Germany and the EU (EN 14637). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly assist you with any questions or projects you may have.

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