New door damper models for increasing requirements

For 86 years door dampers have been solving problems with slamming doors or doors that don’t close completely. Nowadays, DICTATOR door dampers come in many different models – because, since their invention, door dampers have grown with the demands regarding function and aesthetics.

An important area of application are front doors. Many of them are equipped with an overhead door closer, which is often not adjusted right and is either too strong or too weak. As a consequence, a door closer that is too weak doesn’t close the door completely and one that is too strong will slam the door shut. Apart from being a noise nuisance, this also represents a safety/security risk. A door damper easily puts an end to these problems.

But what to do when there is no space for the hook above the door or the door has a glass panel which prevents the installation of the door damper centered on the upper edge?

New models with a 35 N spring

Up to now, when installed at the closing edge, door dampers with a 20-N spring were normally used. But because nowadays doors are heavier and better sealed, this is often no longer strong enough. The 50-N spring, on the other hand, requires too much manual force to be able to open the door comfortably.

To ensure the optimum function also in these cases, the door dampers VS 2000 and R 1400 are now available with a closing force of 35 N as well.

Door damper installed horizontally on closing edge
Door damper VS 2000 on entrance door
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