DICTATOR Door Checks Conquer New Application Areas

Thanks to new mounting brackets for sliding doors and the closing face of hinged doors, DICTATOR door checks now may be used on even more doors.

New mounting possibilities for door checks on sliding doors

DICTATOR door checks have long been a well-proven solution when the closing of hinged doors shall be controlled so that they don’t bang but nevertheless are and stay completely closed.

Nowadays more and more sliding doors are used. Many of them are very smooth-running to keep the effort of opening and closing them low. This, however, increases their closing speed, they bump against the frame and reopen a little bit.

The DICTATOR V 1600 door check catches the door just before the closed position and then closes it in a controlled way. The sliding door no longer bangs but closes noiselessly and then is reliably kept in the closed position by the door check.

Retrofitting is possible without difficulty. You just fix the newly developed mounting bracket for sliding doors on the side of the door leaf. It is made of stainless steel and therefore compatible with the most different surfaces. To ensure an optimum closing process the damping force of the door check is adjustable.

New mounting possibility for door check on the closing face of hinged doors

Contrary to the other door check models, the door damper R 1400 door check is mounted on the closing face of the door. This offers a solution in cases where the door check shouldn’t be mounted on the front of the door for optical reasons or cannot be mounted there due to a lack of space.

Up to now this door check could only be used on overlapping doors as the corresponding hook had to be fixed to the door frame from below or to its side. The newly developed mounting bracket in stainless steel now also allows mounting the door check on flush doors. The hook can be fitted on the rear side of the frame at different heights (see following photos). This adds new door situations to the application range of the DICTATOR door checks.

Mounting of the R 1400 on flush doors by means of the new mounting bracket:

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 door checks for sliding doors. Thanks to new mounting brackets for sliding doors and the closing face of hinged doors,

1: The sliding door closes.

2: the door check catches the door,

3: slows down the closing door and completely pulls it closed.