Black Line – the New Product Line in Black

Vintage, retro, antique – also for door fittings and door closers? In some European countries black line products of this range are already in line with the current trend.

Also many DICTATOR door closing products are available in the noble black. No matter whether you join the black line trend or simply want to equip the door with reliable door closers, dampers etc.: in any case DICTATOR is your partner.

New procduct line, black line door products like door holder black line door holder
HAWGOOD Swing Door Hinges

HAWGOOD Swing Door Hinges

It is difficult to imagine the modern shop construction without the DICTATOR swing door hinges. They are also well established in steel and plant construction and in vehicle construction (refrigerated trucks). The plastics version is as sturdy as the one in brass or stainless steel. However, there is a big advantage: it is much more economic. In the context of the Black Line it is now also available with a shoe in black plastics.

The advantages of the swing door hinges: 

  • Appropriate for doors up to 100 kg and door leaves with a thickness of 19 to 40 mm
  • The door stops after only a few movements and therefore causes only little noise
  • Maximum opening due to the little distance between door and frame
  • Opening angle of the door of up to 100°
  • Hold-open at 90° possible in both directions
  • Automatically correct positioning of the closed door leaf
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black line door holder

ZE Door Holder

By means of the ZE door holders you can set doors in any position. The casing made from one piece is extremely solid and of an elegant aspect. The ZE door holders have been completed by the new Design Line which offers strokes of up to 160 mm, the total height being very short.

The advantages of the door holders: 

  • Large range of course lengths: 25, 60, 75, 80, 90, 105, 120, 160 mm
  • Very small total height of the Design Line
  • Completely in rustless material, therefore ideal for outdoor applications
  • Easy to handle
  • Very robust, persistent and vandal-proof
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closing spring

Piccolo Closing Spring

The Piccolo closing spring is the most economic version of a door closer and ideal for retrofitting on lightweight room doors. When opening the door, the integrated spring is tensioned and closes the door as soon as it has been released.

The advantages of the Piccolo closing spring: 

  • The Piccolo functions without an arm and therefore is very inconspicuous
  • Appropriate for retrofitting
  • Simple mounting
  • Adjustable closing force
  • Also available in stainless steel
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door checks

Door Checks

This device, sometimes known as “door dictator”, prevents the slamming of doors and at the same time makes sure they are reliably and completely closed. As Black Line models are available the V 1600 (see picture), the R 1400 and the VS 2000.

The advantages of the door checks: 

  • They can easily be retrofitted
  • Many different mounting possibilities for different door situations
  • Available with different damping forces and with regulation
  • Also suitable for sliding doors
  • Very long operational life
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gate closer

DIREKT Gate Closer

The DIREKT gate closer is used mainly outdoors for the automatic and reliable closing of access gates in fences.

The advantages of the DIREKT: 

  • Controlled closing action without final latch
  • Continuously adjustable closing speed
  • Simple Mounting
  • Accessories for gates with ascending hinges
  • Also suitable for front doors
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back checks

Back Checks

Often the exterior doors of buildings open in an uncontrolled way due to e.g. wind gusts or careless opening. The back check slows down too fast opening movements and limits the opening angle, thus protecting the door and the facade from damages.

The advantages of the back check: 

  • Different series for different door sizes
  • Optionally available with adjustable damping
  • By means of our calculation service we determine the optimum version for your application
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